MP3 Recorder

MP3 Recorder

Records anything playing through PC speakers and saves them as MP3 files
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The MP3 Recorder enables recording of any sounds that are playing through your computer's speakers and interacts well with your other music programs like Windows Media Player. Downloading initially downloads a Windows Installer package that leaves a guitar icon on your desktop. When you launch the program you will see that the program presents a single window graphic user interface displaying the features that are needed for recording sounds.
Firstly, the application will prompt you to select a directory in which to save your MP3 recording. Secondly, play the music or sounds you wish to record to the MP3 format. An audio CD can be played or, if you prefer, music from a file on your computer. Perhaps you can play an instrument and it is plugged into the microphone socket, or you can sing into the microphone while other music is playing and record yourself singing. Whatever the source of your sounds for recording, once you have selected them, click the Record button to start the recording process. During recording, clicking the Recording Level feature button will prompt the program's Mixer to open so that you can adjust your sounds. Clicking the Edit Wave Files feature button will prompt the program's Wave Player and Editor to open so that you can edit your wave files. There is also a Search the Web feature button, and clicking this will enable your browser to open the Guitarlab website's search engine to help you to find the music you are looking for.

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